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Welcome to Issue 6 of Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi! Can you believe we’ve been at this for six months already? Time certainly flies. Now’s a good time for us to thank you all for reading each month and supporting us. It means a lot–not just to us, but our authors as well.

This issue is called Overgrown Paths because these stories deal with characters and places that probably exist somewhere, but they’re difficult to find if you try to look for them. The sorts of places where the forest has obscured the path up ahead and it’s up to you to turn back and stay in the sun or push ahead into the dense foliage to see what you may find there.

As usual, we have two stories from two very talented authors. Our short story selection is “The Executioner’s Hat” by Aidan Doyle and our flash fiction pick is “The Faerie Tailor” by Suzanne J. Willis. Be sure to read both and lose yourself in the worlds they’ve created. But remember to come back to reality for a moment to leave a comment. Our authors love feedback. And read the interviews with both authors to get further insights.

Once again, happy reading!