Issue 1: First Flight

Stories by Adam Israel and Carrie Cuinn

Issue 2: Into the Woods

Stories by Kurt Newton and Jaym Gates

Issue 3: Shadow and Stitch

Stories by Cate Gardner and Michael Haynes

Issue 4: Uncertain Principals

Stories by D. Thomas Minton and Ken Liu

Issue 5: Hard Metamorphoses

Stories by A.G. Carpenter and Lydia S Gray

Issue 6: Overgrown Paths

Stories by Aidan Doyle and Suzanne J. Willis

Issue 7: Stories for September

Stories by S.R. Mastrantone and Nicola Belte

issue 8: The Hollow

Stories by Sandra M. Odell and Alexis A. Hunter

issue 9: We Dream of Electric Ovis Aries

Stories by Sara Puls and L. Lambert Lawson

issue 10: Page of Glass

Stories by M. Bennardo and Arwen Kuttner

issue 11: Secrets and Connections

Stories by KV Taylor and Antha Ann Adkins

issue 12: Between One World And The Other

Stories by Ben Godby and Michelle Ann King

issue 13: Love In Colors Of Ice And Space

Stories by Alexis A. Hunter and Mari Ness

issue 14: This Menagerie is Not What it Seems

Stories by Adam Israel and Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas

issue 15: Consume What Is Given

Stories by Michelle Ann King and Vivian Caethe

issue 16: Stolen From Us

Stories by Giovanni De Feo and Jaym Gates

issue 17: Those Who Cling to Hope

Stories by K.C. Norton and Marcelina Vizcarra

issue 18: From Childhood On

Stories by Mathew Allan Garcia and Victorya Chase

issue 19: Lives New and Old

Stories by Iona Sharma and Rose Lemberg

issue 20: We Do What Must Be Done

Stories by Tory Hoke and Mari Ness

issue 21: Seven and Twenty Glimpses of the Weird

Stories by Cameron Huntley and Julia August

issue 22: Rainbows in the Dark

Stories by Alex Livingston and Louis Rakovich

issue 23: What Time Made Us

Stories by David G. Turner and R M Graves