Update and a Request for First Readers

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*+-Greetings from the Fish Bowl! Things are moving along swimmingly here at Goldfish Grimm. First we want to thank everyone for their patience as we’ve made this transition. Both Michael and I are extremely grateful for the support we’ve received while stepping into the role of co-editors. Overall I think we’re both very pleased with… Read more »

New Editors and Submissions Update

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*+-Sorry we’ve been a pile of fail here at the Goldfish. Matt and I have a confession to make: we’re exhausted. We’ve been frantically trying to do everything we did before having a baby and it’s just not happening. So, we were faced with a decision: close up shop for good or bring in some… Read more »

2013 Million Writers Award

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*+-It was brought to our attention recently that the Million Writers Award was accepting nominations from editors for stories over 1,000 words. We didn’t want our authors to be left out, so we’ve nominated the three stories we felt best represented Goldfish Grimm for 2012. The nominees are: “Twenty-Seven Rules for Coping” by Michael Haynes… Read more »

Goldfish Grimm is Mentioned on Favorite Stories List

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*+-It looks like a story from Goldfish Grimm’s past has been name dropped over at M. Bennardo’s blog. His recent post of favorite stories from 2012 included a focus on tales from semi-pro and token markets and our very own Michael Haynes’ “Twenty-Seven Rules for Coping,” made the cut. Congrats, Michael! And thanks to Matthew… Read more »

Welcome to Issue 3

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*+-It feels like just yesterday we were starting up Issue 1 of Goldfish Grimm and here we are at Issue 3 already. My, how time flies… This issue brings us two fantastic stories from two wonderful authors. Our longer story this month is “Through Bleached Bone” by Cate Gardner. The flash is “Twenty-Seven Rules for Coping”… Read more »