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It was brought to our attention recently that the Million Writers Award was accepting nominations from editors for stories over 1,000 words. We didn’t want our authors to be left out, so we’ve nominated the three stories we felt best represented Goldfish Grimm for 2012. The nominees are:

It was really hard to pick just three stories, but there you have it. Congrats and good luck to you all!

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Sorry for the lack of communication, everybody. We’ve been really busy. We realize that’s a subpar excuse. Not much of an excuse at all, really. But it’s all we have. We’ve been really busy. With work. With taking care of our 10-month old. With the never-ending struggle to find consistent childcare for said 10-month old. The latter of which has made time for “side projects” like this here magazine limited. As in, very limited.

Still, we love this little magazine. We’ve published some stories we love. We’re overjoyed that we’ve been able to give these tales a decent (we hope) home. People of the rational sort would close up shop at this point, but we love finding gems in the slush pile. We love doing our part to contribute to the SF/F community.

To get things back on track, some organizational efforts need to happen. There are a lot of queries in our inbox about submissions that need to be responded to. There are a lot of submissions that need to be responded to. People have been waiting way too long on the second round hook. We’re going to fix that.

So, here is what we propose. We’re going to clear out the stories in the second round folder that we’ve decided to pass on but haven’t sent out notifications to the authors yet. Yes, that’s a total FAIL, we know. But that’s step 1. We’re going to try to get at least that much done today. We currently have about 30 stories in the second round. We’ll aim to get through five a day over the next week.

I know this may seem ridiculous but when your schedule is as booked as ours, it’s hard to find the time even to prioritize things! We’re working on it!

So, keep your eye on our Twitter feed @goldfishgrimm. We’ll post updates there about the status of submissions over the coming week as well.

Let’s get this done!



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We’re finally back! After a lengthy hiatus, Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi is back and better than ever. At least, we think so. Before we get into the details about the latest issue, let’s take a moment to introduce the new additions to our staff.

A. Nolen and Kelly Stiles. Welcome to the team! You’re both awesome and making our response times much more reasonable. Really, GG probably wouldn’t be able to stay afloat (badd-um-tiss) without them.

This issue is call We Dream of Electric Ovis Aries. It’s our usual mix of science fiction and fantasy. These stories share a common element but they couldn’t be more different.

First up is our short story selection, They Don’t Have to Cry by Sara Puls. It’s dark and fantastic and the kind of tale and sticks with you long after you’ve read the last line.

Second is our flash story pick this month, ascent_dive.exe by L. Lambert Lawson. This one’s been sitting around in our “Maybe” folder for quite some time, so we’re glad it found a home in Issue 9.

Check out the stories, share them with your friends, and be sure to leave comments to let the authors (and us) know what you think. Feedback is always appreciated!

And allow us to say, it’s good to be back. :)

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It looks like a story from Goldfish Grimm’s past has been name dropped over at M. Bennardo’s blog. His recent post of favorite stories from 2012 included a focus on tales from semi-pro and token markets and our very own Michael Haynes’ “Twenty-Seven Rules for Coping,” made the cut.

Congrats, Michael! And thanks to Matthew for the shout out!

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Welcome to Issue 7 of Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi. It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this for over half a year. Time flies!

This issue is called Stories for September. Yes, this is the September issue, but it also happens to be the name of our soon-to-be born daughter. The editors Goldfish are counting down the days over here!

The stories are about children doing amazing things. There’s a fairytale quality to both that makes them a perfect match, and a perfect way to pay tribute to September, the harbinger of autumn and change.

First up is “The Thing That Captured Fenella” by S. R. Mastrantone, a lovely tale of a girl, books, and the thing that keeps her. Our flash fiction selection is “Red in Tooth and Claw” by Nicola Belte. This tale features a young boy and the power of his imagination. Go read both. We delighted in their innocence and darkness. We also have interviews with both authors up, so be sure to check those out, too.

We hope you enjoy issue 7 and please leave comments for our authors. They would love to hear what you think!